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Michael & Bear - 12 weeks old
Isabelle - 03 litter
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We cannot imagine having livestock on our farm without the guardian dogs.  Their main role is to protect the livestock but they do so much more. We decided on the Italian Maremma Sheepdog as our livestock guardians and rely on their excellent guardian instincts and gentle nature around all our livestock, especially the new borns.  And yes, after some trial and error, even our chickens safely range free.
We lost our devoted guardians Michael in September 2012 and my beloved Zena in August of 2014.  The lambs in heaven have great angels to watch over them.
Our Current Guardians
MyArk Livia
Past Guardians: loved and missed every day
MyArk Missy
MyArk Jesse
10 weeks old
Jesse does have a beautiful white coat but as Livia's favorite play buddy, he ends up looking rather dingy most of the time.
2 years old
2/2015 - Livia (11 months) and Jesse (2 years)
12 weeks old  
Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs
Our daughter, Lacey, with Zena, at 2 years old in center
Michael, 3 months old in front and Jacob, 2 months old
Michael at 8 years old
Puppies from our past litters have gone to great working homes in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.  They are now treasured guardians of alpacas, exotic poultry, goats, sheep and miniature horses.  Some are even successful estate and vineyard guardians.
2013 Missy with her new side kick Jesse